What are Geoparks?

The landscapes that we only tend to glance at were created by several tens or hundreds of millions of years of the earth’s activities.

Across that vast land, plants took root and everything from tiny insects to massive animals, such as dinosaurs, lived.

We humans have also received all kinds of blessings from the land and nature and have created histories and cultures across the planet.

Our lives today are supported by the various blessings or resources that the earth’s activities have produced.

Most of these resources are limited.

When we think about our present and future lives, it is crucial to understand the earth’s past activities.

However, there are not many places that can convey these past activities; they tend to be underground, covered with plants, or destroyed by artificial objects.

Geoparks are areas protecting places with scientific value as “geosites,” helping us understand the past activities of the earth.

They are managed to carry out activities that will link them to the future.

People that live within geoparks take the lead and work together to promote activities at the grassroots.

Different geoparks connect to each other creating a network of mutual encouragement, thereby aiming to achieve sustainable societies.

●Japanese Geoparks Network(https://geopark.jp/en/)